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Learning the Game

One of our favorite things about volleyball is that we can always learn more about the game. NWVBC utilizes USA Volleyball systems at all levels. The most successful players have a comprehensive understanding of offensive and defensive schemes. Often, in club ball, we form teams with players from many schools. Each school has their own communication style. In order to help our players learn to speak the same language, we immediately teach zones on the court and setting zones on the net. For more information, see resources below!  

Northwest Wisconsin Volleyball Club NWVBC

Northwest Wisconsin Volleyball Club NWVBC

Improving your game

While court time is imperative to improving your volleyball skills, work off the court can be just as important. If you want to get faster, improve agility, and jump higher, you'll have to add a few strength and conditioning moves into your routine. We've assembled a few resources to consider for your training. Not every workout is appropriate for every athlete. When starting a new workout, go slow to avoid injury. Happy reading! If you have any questions, we'd be happy to chat.